South Haven at Night

The South Haven Lighthouse on a cool, November evening. As we made our way home from the Christmas Open House in Holland, Michigan, we decided to take a mile detour to see this lighthouse at night. The illuminated catwalk is quite striking in person.

The wind made it difficult to keep the camera steady, even on the tripod.


Eddie K. said...

Hi Tom!

This is a really cool photograph!
As many times as I had went to this location during the 1990's when I was single...I was never there to see this at night. You did a nice job of capturing this nice waterfront image of this causeway in Michigan City Indiana.


Eddie K.

Eddie K said...

Hi Tom!

Ooops! I got distracted by an incoming phone call when I posted that last comment.

I was wrong. It actually is South Haven Michigan. My mistake.

Thanks anyway.

Eddie K