High and Dry

High and Dry

While not as intense as a day previous, the waves at the St. Joseph, Michigan lighthouse were high enough to crash onto the pier, keeping visitors off - well, most of them.

Racing the Waves

Not to pass up an opportunity for fun, we walked out to the end of the railed off section of the pier - this is quite a bit safer than the rest of the pier. Although, on this day, if I were alone, I probably would have ventured out to the lighthouses, keeping my eye on the approaching waves, and clinging to the catwalk supports if the waves crashed.  The waves weren't high enough to wash me into the lake, and it's only water, and not cold enough to keep me away.

The boys managed to jump onto the supports as the pier filled with water, making a game out of it. The only danger they faced was the possibility of wet shoes.

Avoiding the Splash

Soon, cold temperatures will bring ice, and walking on the pier could be treacherous, and games such as these will be off limits.

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