High Water Levels

Recent heavy rains raised the level of the Little Calumet River, causing it to overflow its banks and flood nearby lowland areas. The Little Calumet River Trail of the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore was partially flooded - even the boardwalk that usually keeps hikers out of the mud and away from plants was under several inches of water.

Out of the Dark

This jumping spider was crawling around on a pane of glass. The flash illuminated the spider, but not the background.

Spring Falls

The canyons of Starved Rock State Park flow with water following a wet spring. This waterfall is in Kaskaskia canyon and is approximately 10 to 15 feet tall.


Dappled sunlight creates a spotlight effect over Lake Michigan's Indiana Beaches.

Taken from an 80 foot tall sand dune along Central Beach.

Sand and Shadow

A bit of fog over Lake Michigan, dappled sunlight and sand kicked up by waves created some great patches of light on the surface of the lake.

3 image panoramic.

Lake Falls in Spring

Sunlight and shadows highlight the moss and rocks of this Matthiessen State Park canyon on a spring afternoon.

Glowing Waters

A short climb down onto a rock ledge gave me a lower vantage point to photograph these falls. A foot behind me was the final cascade into Giant's Bathtub.

The bright sun illuminated the falling water in contrast to the shady canyon walls.


A field of bluebells and horsetail gives the gray canyons of Starved Rock some much anticipated color in early May.