Press and Published Work

Links to some of the latest press and publications featuring Tom Gill's photography
Note:  This list does not include the thousands of websites featuring creative commons photos by Tom Gill.

Television and Media

The Weather Channel

WPTV Television

WJLA Television


Man's Fall into Lake Michigan Illustrates Dangers of Shelf Ice (Feb 2021)

Wisconsin Public Radio

Author Explains why Hiking is More Popular Now Than Ever (June 2017)

Wood Television

Pancake Ice image used in article Wood Television Grand Rapids, MI (Jan 2014)

Australia News Limited

Daily Mail 

CNN Television

Vpoint News, UKThink You're Cold? Stop Whining and Look at this Frozen Lighthouse (January 2015)

WGN Television

Photos on the WGN Morning Show (Jan 2014)

MSN Belgium

MSN France


Interviews and Press

Travel and LeisureThese Frozen Lighthouses are Straight Out of a Fairy Tale (March 2017)

SLR Lounge

Chicago Tribune

Lighthouse photographs by Tinley Park Resident Published Worldwide (April 2013)

The Culture Trip

Great Lakes Echo

Great Lakes Commission

Shared Priorities for Building a Better Great Lakes Basin (2021)

Southtown Star Newspaper

Herald Palladium

USA Today

Referenced in article on frozen lighthouses (Jan 2014)

Daily Herald Newspaper

Photographs of NASA exhibit unveiling at Oesterle Library, Naperville (Nov 2011)

Journalist on the Run

How to Get Published on the Huffington Post Janet Newenham (February 2015)

Magazines and Books

Brilliant Beacons, A History of the American Lighthouseby Eric Jay Dolin Photo in inset (April 2016)

Elle Decoration Magazine (Germany)

Weatherwise Magazine 

Civil War Times Magazine

Photograph of the Dye House, Perryville Kentucky (Feb 2014)

Explore the Millennium Reserve and Greater Calumet Region 

Photographs of Indiana (2015)

American Motorcyclist Magazine

Northern Indiana Lakes Magazine 

(Britton MDG, Publisher)

November/December 2009 Cover
September/October 2011 Cover
A Light to Show the Way Home 1 (Nov 2009)
A Light to Show the Way Home 2 (Nov 2009)
For Grand Sands: Indiana Dunes (Oct 2009)
Return to History with Indiana's Round Barns (Oct 2009)
Derby Days on Fish Lake article by John C. Gill (Jan 2010)
H2OHHH What Fun! Fish Lake article by John C. Gill (June 2010)
Big on Charm, One Small Town Three Oaks Michigan (Dec 2010)
Nine Irish Brother's Pub article by John C. Gill 
Hoist, Jibe and Sail article by John C. Gill (Apr 2011)
Rustic Barns in Lakes Country (Sept 2011)
August is Upon Us (Aug 2011)

Backpacker Magazine

Photograph of Cowles Bog Loop Trail (Dec 2013)

Capture My Chicago vol 1

Photograph of an Early Morning Storm  (2010)

Capture My Chicago vol 2

Photograph of limestone waterfall Lemont, Illilnois (2011)

Washington Life Magazine

FYIDC: Best Bets (June 2013)

National Wildlife Federation

National Wildlife Federation Confronting Global Warming (2010)

Hickory Creek Watershed 

Saving Our Streams brochure (2010)

Annual Reports/ Business Reports

LaSalle County Illinois

2017 LaSalle County Visitor's Guide (April 2017)

Illinois Valley Area Chamber

IVAC Advantage Magazine (pages 52, 54) (2016)

Great Lakes Commission des Grands Lacs

2009 Annual Report
Great Lakes Advisor October 2010
2014-15 Fellowsip grant page
Legislative Priorities 2014

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Action Plan (2010)

United States Life Saving Association

USLA 2009 Annual Report


Atlas of Biodiversity

Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Commission

Six Photographs in 2011 calendar


DuPage River image in 2011 calendar


A River Gathering packet (2013)

Web Sites

The American Chef


Birding in Indiana (April 2016)

Daily Cardinal 

News State Parks (April 2020)

The Great Lakes Now

Great Lakes Produce Record Number of Waterspouts (November 2020)

Kentucky National Land Trust

Bernheim-Fort Knox Wildlands Corridor (2015)

National Park Conservation Association

United States Department of Agriculture Blog

USDA Conservation Funding Helps Provide Protection for Great Lakes

PBS News Hour (WTTW)

Coping with Exceptional Ice on the Great Lakes

The April Pick for the PBS News Hour NY Times Book Club

RURban Life

Frozen Lighthouses of Lake Michigan (Jan 2014)

Beautiful is Now

The Art of Beautiful Freeze (Jan 2014)

Indiana Dunes Finally Gets its Due (Nov. 2019)


Dispelling the Myth of Abundance (August 2019)

National Trust for Historic Preservation

The Green Mill in Chicago (Mar 2016)

Time Out Chicago
5 Ways to Stargaze in and Around Chicago (July 2016)

Yahoo! Weather 

Assorted images used on weather web sites (2010 - present)


Inside the World's Tallest Buildings (2012)

Lake Michigan Towns

Photos of Little Point Sable Lighthouse (present)

Best Beaches Along the Great Lakes (2016)

Travel Awaits

8 Tips for Visiting Starved Rock State Park in The Winter (Oct. 2019)


Walnut Room, Marshall Field Building (2009 - present)

Out of

Top Ten Attractions for Holiday Photos in Chicago (2010)

Racine County Wisconsin Website

Lighthouse image on homepage (2009)

State Symbols USA

Yellowwood Tree Photographs - Tennessee (2007)

South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority Homepage

Winter image used as webpage background (2011)

National Wildlife Federation

Southeast Evanston Association

Uprooting and Rooting: Restoring Evanston's Urban Forest

Lighthouse Directory

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill / Russ Rowlett (2008)
Michigan City East Pierhead
Southport Light Kenosha Wisconsin
St. Joseph, Michigan Outer Light

The Ecologist

USDA Approves World's First GMO Apples  (February 2015)

USA Today

20 Stunning state parks across the USA

Web Galleries

Snow Addiction

MAMA Photography

Extreme Lighthouses, Storms and Ice (Jan 2013)


Twisted Sifter

Gallery and comments (2013)

Arcus - France

Places to See in Your Lifetime

Finland vivas.fl

Dantri - Vietnam

Nakatanigo - Japan

Live Internet - Russia


Moody on the Market

Institute for Faith, Work and Economics


Beach Closure Information is a Click Away (2013)

Wisconsin Public Radio