Beyond the Falls at Cedar Point

Beyond The Falls of Cedar Point

I've explored and photographed the falls just beyond Cedar Point in all seasons, but I especially love these falls in winter.  The slow trickle of water freezes across the entire surface of the canyon ledge, creating an ice cave large enough to enter.  The image below shows the waterfall beyond Cedar Point. The photo above shows what lies further upstream - above the waterfall.

Falls Near Cedar Point

In winter, the path through the canyon turns to ice, so it's very difficult to walk the trail above the falls.  I always wondered what features were above these falls, but I didn't expect several more small waterfalls.  On this day, we followed a narrow trail up the side of the canyon, and onto the top of the falls, where the path led us to more waterfalls and interesting canyon features.

An interesting morning exploring some of the lesser known canyons and waterfalls of the park.

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