Waterspouts over Lake Michigan

Waterspout on Lake Michigan

On a beautiful, sunny, summer morning, multiple waterspouts formed over Lake Michigan.  A small area of clouds produced the waterspouts, yet all around was beautiful sunshine. After a long hike through the Indiana Dunes, we spotted the first waterspout.

Waterspout Forming On Lake Michigan

The funnel grew longer, and wider until it reached the surface of the lake. While it never appeared to connect the clouds and water, spray could be seen on the lake where the waterspout touched the lake surface.

Waterspouts Over Lake Michigan

We watched as more waterspouts formed, and at times, two were visible at once. We counted four separate waterspouts in less than an hour.

Dual Waterspouts

Waterspouts are not tornadoes, they are columns of water formed by a vortex over water. Generally associated with thunderstorms, most of the waterspouts I've encountered over the years appeared in good weather.

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