El Dorado Restaurant

Remember this place? The El Dorado restaurant in Crestwood, IL has been gone for quite a few years, but the sign still stands on 143rd and Cicero.

The El Dorado was a typical south-side suburban Chicago restaurant, serving a fairly large menu with breakfast anytime. I think the same three Greek guys own (or at least control) every restaurant in the south suburbs because they're all so similar.

What made the El Dorado different was the feeling you got when you walked in the door - the feeling of being watched! I swear, everytime I walked into this place all of the customers stopped what they were doing, turned and stared as if to say, "who are you and why are you in my restaurant?" It didn't matter what time of day or night (and I've been there at 2 AM and 2 PM) you felt like you didn't belong. The staff were nice enough, it was the patrons who made you feel as if you were on exhibit. Maybe it was something to do with the high voltage lines that ran close to the building!

This place closed around 2002 and a new El Dorado opened up in Orland Park. The Orland Park place didn't give off the same vibes.

Anyone else feel like they were being watched at the old El Dorado?

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Eddie said...

It isn't so much as being watched, as some of the locals felt like they owned the place. I will admit..people from Oak Forest or Crestwood generally weren't friendly...at least in the restaurant vicinity. I have met a few "Nice" people out that way, however most of the locals I had encountered were "Rude"!

Still, I enjoyed the food and service at the El Dorado.

Thank You.