Interlocking Tower, Walkerton, Indiana

Black and White conversion of interlocking tower, Walkerton, Indiana
I haven't exactly turned into a full-fledged "Gricer" or railroad fan, but I have always enjoyed the railroad, especially the old structures that often accompanied railroad yards. I've missed several opportunities to photograph old train stations, steam era crossbucks and other items, so I'm making sure I don't miss this interlocking tower in the CSX rail yard in Walkerton, Indiana.
According to a post at, the two lines that cross there are the CSX (B&O) main To Chicago, and the seldom used NS (ex NKP Michigan City Branch).
Train moving past interlocking tower; Walkerton, Indiana

Wooden crossbuck; off rt. 104, St. Joseph County, Indiana

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Eddie said...

Nice going Tom!
These are wonderful photographs of a place I have never visited. Half of the spirit of rail photography is getting out to photograph these old facilities before its too late.

Nice job!