From the Keeper's Catwalk

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On the Catwalk
Michigan City Lighthouse
Michigan City, Indiana

Every now and then you just have to ignore the "no trespassing" signs and wander a bit off course. That's what I did on Saturday, when I decided to climb up to the catwalk that goes out to the Michigan City East Pierhead light. You get a totally different perspective from up there, one that only the lighthouse keepers would normally see.

The friends of the lighthouse managed to save the catwalk from demolition a few years back. Catwalks are not too common on lighthouses outside the great lakes, and this one is still complete (many have had their walkways removed).

Maybe one day, when it's very cold and deserted, I'll trek all the way out to the lighthouse via the catwalk. It'll take some time for the Coast Guard to spot me - and in frigid weather, even they won't want to come out to chase me off!

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