Skylines, Lights and Shadows

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Lines Patterns Shadow and Light
Glass Reflections

Saturday was a bit too cool to spend splashing around in the lake, so we spent a bit more time than usual inside. The early Fall sun washed into the house through the blinds and created some great patterns as it passed through a piece of depression glass.

On the upper right hand of the photo, you can see where I'd rather be -- in the lake. I guess it wasn't too cold for the canoe - there's always next weekend!

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Chicago on the Horizon
Chicago Skyline on the Horizon

On a clear day, you can see the Chicago skyline from Michigan City, Indiana, some 50 miles across Lake Michigan. Washington Park is free again (from October to May) so it's a great time to explore the lighthouse on the end of the east pier. Since the weather is cooler, there aren't too many people to get in the way of your shot either! Wait until January and February - I'll once again be the only human on the beach.

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