1920's Shopping

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Workers in a Store

A lot has changed in the 87 years since this photo was taken! You'd be hard pressed today to find many of the item and features in this photo in a single place. On the left side is the soda fountain (what happened to those?) Most drugstores had one up until the 60's or 70's, and I remember a couple in the late 80's and early 90's. To the rear of that is the cigar counter with open boxes of cigars on display. Along the wall by the cigars appears to be bottles of liquids for sale . On the right side is the candy counter with the trays of candy in the glass display case and the old scale on the counter top. Going back into the store, apparel can be seen hanging on the walls of the center section, perhaps this was the tailor's area.

It appears all of the goods were in the glass door built-ins along the walls. Self service was not an option back then; full service was expected if not demanded by the customers. Today, we're lucky if the store even rings up the purchase, now that they have the wonderful "self service check-out" - which is rarely self service because something always go wrong and an unenthusiastic employee (sorry- team member) has to struggle over to fix things.

Bring back the days of full service at no extra charge.

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