Weather Photos from Florida

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Lightning in the sky over Tampa Bay.
Treasure Island, Florida

I'm finally back from Florida with some photos of severe weather. Even though the photos show lightning and a funnel cloud, I didn't experience any rain! The weather was great, but I managed to see a lightning show over Tampa Bay as I walked a few miles away on a warm, breezy beach. I caught a funnel cloud over the Gulf of Mexico, but it was just about the only dark cloud in the sky around 6:00 in the morning; the sun came out an hour later.

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Funnel cloud over the Gulf of Mexico

June 22, 2007

We had a great time, saw a lot of firsts and a lot of familiar things too. I'll have to start going through the 1300 photos I took and begin posting them real soon.

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Eddie said...

I personally love seeing these very spectacular weather photos Myself.
In June of 1984, My Mother and Myself took a motor coach vacation to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. On the return leg of the trip..We had tornado conditions with severe thunderstorm and hail in North Platte Nebraska, where We were spending the night.
When the storm cleared..I witnessed one of the most spectacular orange sunsets I have ever seen. The sky looked like it was on fire. Wow!

Thank You.