Big Run Wolf Ranch

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arctic wolf
A Rare Arctic Wolf

The Big Run Wolf Ranch held an open house last Saturday. A rather large crowd gathered to see the collection of wolves, lynx, raccoons, skunk, horses and bear. There were opportunities to pet some of the animals and even take a photograph with a wolf pup.

The newest addition to the family is the little Cougar. Only a few weeks old, his first public introduction went over well as the people all moved in closer to get a good look at the little guy.

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baby cougar 2
New Baby Cougar

Normally closed to the public, the Big Run Wolf Ranch has several open houses a year where the public can view the animals and talk to owner John Basile, a licensed animal handler and educator.

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I have a Karaoke hosting friend named Billy Andrews aka "The Wolfman" who would love to see these photos.
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