Big Red

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Big Red

Finally got a chance to see this historic lighthouse during the Tulip Time festival in Holland, Michigan.

Officially called the Holland Harbor South Pierhead Lighthouse, the current tower and house was built in 1907 and includes a gable roofline showing the Dutch influence of the area.

Aptly nicknamed "Big Red" since the Coast Guard painted it red decades ago to conform to the maritime rule of "Red right returning." Red right returning indicates that all channel markers are to be red in color when they are located on the right side of a channel or river when returning from the larger body of water. Red channel markers are called "Nuns"; the green channel markers called "Cans" are located on the left.

The light was electrified in 1932 and continued to serve until 1970. The people of Holland, Michigan rescued and preserved the lighthouse so now it remains proudly at the entrance to Holland Harbor, between Lake Michigan and Lake Wanatawa.

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