The Quarry

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The Quarry

An early morning view of the Sag Quarries in Lemont, IL. These limestone quarries were allowed to flood, and taken over by the Cook County Forest Preserve. They are a popular place for fishing.

The one thing I've noticed in this forest preserve is the large amount of garbage. It's everywhere. Mostly drink or bait containers and fishing supply wrappers. It's really a shame.

If you venture off the common path and into some of the other less traveled areas, you can experience some great views and some wildlife.

The Other Side of the Quarry

Green Circles

Some areas are only accessible using a makeshift log bridge across a 10 or 12 foot wide channel. I wondered just how deep the quarry was at this point as I was balancing on an 8 inch diameter log with my camera gear. At least I've still got my balance - and thanks to that, I also still have my camera gear.

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