September Storm

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September Storm

Gale force winds and heavy surf pounded the LaPorte County shore of Lake Michigan Monday. The surge of water was at least 50 feet further up the beach than normal, and at times surged yards past and forced us to grab our gear and run!

Once to the shore, the 50 mile per hour winds weren't too bad, but anywhere downwind of the beach was brutal as the sand acted like tiny missiles. If you look at any painted surface along the beach, you'll notice that it has been stripped on paint on the lake side - naturally sandblasted!

Heavy Chop

Once we reached the breakwater, the winds seemed to pick up, and it was very difficult to stand still. I managed to place the camera downwind of the steel column holding up the catwalk so at least the camera wouldn't get pounded by the wind, waves and sand. It was also very difficult to keep the camera steady - even on a tripod.

On my usual venture up to the catwalk, I experienced what it must have been like for lighthouse keepers to service the light in these conditions. The steel staircase was swaying in the wind, and I was being pushed to the railing by the wind. The stairs moved back and forth a few inches, maybe more; I probably wasn't helping the situation any since I most likely acted like a sail.

Time to clean the camera.

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