Colorful Walk

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Colorful Walk

An early morning walk through Cowle's Bog yielded some excellent fall color on the wide variety of trees.

It seems that this path is seldom explored, judging by the small number of footprints and lack of trash. Since the trail from the two parking areas to the beach varies from 2 miles to 3 miles, I suppose many people don't bother with the hike when they can drive a few blocks up and enter at the state park.

On the Cowles Bog trail, one can walk for a few miles from wetland, to woodland, to prairie, to beach. During this walk, the plant life varies greatly -trees such as maple, oak, sassafras, cedar and hickory are common. I also believe I saw a few cypress trees in the wetland area! I'm going to make sure of that, but the bark, shape, crown and even the cypress knees were the same as the trees I've seen in the south. I'm sure these are a different variety since they are so far north.

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