From Indian Head

The Mississippi from Indiana Head A panoramic view of the Mississippi River following a climb to the top of Indian Head, a large rock formation at the Mississippi River Palisades State Park. Resembling the head of a Native American, this formation towers over the river below, and seems to peer out from the dense trees of the cliffs. Approaching from the top, the formation is eight or ten feet away from the rest of the cliff - apparently it has pulled away over time - creating a steep, crevasse that must be crossed to reach the top of the "head." Looking around, one can see several bolts drilled into the cliffs, these are anchors for rock climbing. This area seems to be full of great places to climb. As I stood on the top of Indian Head photographing the landscape and searching for bald eagles, I watched several buzzards fly below me. Perhaps a warning of what could happen with one slip of a foot.

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