Saturday Activity

Saturday Activity An unseasonably cold morning for October - 38 degrees, with winds, rain, and yes, even snow flurries - made for a chilly walk on the beach. Not one to shy away from inclement weather, I find these days among the best for visiting the shore; I'm usually alone. This morning was a bit different. Not counting the five or six people I saw braving the weather, there was plenty of activity along the shore of Lake Michigan. Beyond the gulls, a small stream made it's way to the lake, relentlessly cutting through the sand piled up by the surf; it's path changing with every wave. Riding the high waves in the distance is a container ship leaving the Port of Indiana, heading to a port unknown to those watching from the shore. On much of the horizon, the industry of the south side of Chicago can be seen through the light fog and drizzle. Even the wood fence seems to head toward the lake.

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