Winter at Waterfall Glen

January at Waterfall Glen

Following a wet snowfall, temperatures in northern Illinois dropped to single digits; winter is here at last. The cold air made for a brisk hike to the waterfall, but the cold isn't even noticed until the walk back to the car, after the photos are taken.

If the temperatures stay below freezing for a bit longer, these falls will freeze up for the most part, creating interesting ice sculptures with water running beneath. Difficult to capture at this time of day, the ice covered branches of the trees shimmered in the sunlight. We were a bit late in the day for the sun to bathe this low-lying area, but our walk to the falls was beautiful.

Waterfall Glen is a popular destination for hiking, biking, and dog walking, and even on this cold day, the trails were covered in footprints. We encountered quite a few people as well - a stark contrast to our earlier stop at the now flooded Sag Quarries, where we were the first people to disturb the day-old snow.

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