Exploring Wedge Rock

Passing Wedge Rock Just two and a half hours south of Chicago, Turkey Run State Park is a short trip to the ancient geologic world. Featuring rock dating back up to 600 million years, the natural features of the park entice visitors year round. Many of the trails in the park follow creeks and canyon floors, taking hikers through natural wonders not seen elsewhere in the region. Wedge Rock One of the most recognized features in the park is Wedge Rock, a wedge-shaped rock that broke away from the canyon wall a long time ago. At an estimated 30 feet tall, and six feet thick, this must have made quite a sound when it fell to the canyon floor. Because the rock landed on an angle, hikers are able to walk under it as well as climb on top of it. Posing on top is a popular take-away photo of many visitors. The Backside of Wedge Rock Most of the canyon walls of Trail 3 are composed of Mansfield Sandstone, but some other rocks and minerals can be found in the area, including glacial erratics and veins of coal. The trail follows the winding creek and even requires hikers to walk up a waterfall or two. It's refreshing in this day and age to visit a park where you're not discouraged from walking on the actual ground! Certainly worth the trip down to Parke County.

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