St. Joseph Lighthouse

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St. Joeseph Outer Range Light in Winter
Outer Range Light

A winter visit to the St. Joseph, Michigan lighthouse is always interesting. The past few years have seen an increase in the ice out on Lake Michigan on the Indiana and Michigan shorelines - so much so, that for weeks this year, water could not be seen with the naked eye. A slight thaw in early February has turned some of the lake back into water.

A trek out past the inner range light was a bit hazardous, but well worth the trip. Judging by the footprints, I was the second person to venture out to the outer light in weeks. The ice and snow covered path was only about 14 inches wide, with the lighthouse base on one side, and the frozen lake eight feet below on the other side.

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St Joseph Inner Range Light
Inner Range Light as Seen from the Outer Light.

The photo above shows the path from shore. It was certainly a glorious day to be out in nature.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tom!
Bitterly cold as it must have been out there, It was obviosly worth the effort.
These photos are fantastic!

Eddie K.