Bitter Cold

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heavy surf bitter cold
East Pierhead Light
Michigan City, Indiana

High winds and near zero temperatures made for a cool picture, but it wasn't fun walking to the lighthouse. It's about a two block walk from the parking lot in Washington Park to the spot where I captured this photo. After about 45 minutes of exposure, I decided I had enough photos and got back to the car. The fine, blowing snow attacked my exposed face like needles, but walking backwards helped keep me warm.

This photo was featured on flickr's Explore (a group of photos rated as most interesting for any given day) on January 19, 2008 as number 25. That's the 25th most interesting photo of that day. There are over 4,000 images added to flickr every MINUTE so that's 25 out of over 5 million photos!

Can't wait for more windy days that are below zero - got to get a photo of this lighthouse covered in ice!

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