The Willow-Brook

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willowbrook ballroom
Willow-Brook Ballroom
Willow Springs, Illinois

The Willow-brook ballroom in Willow Springs, Illinois has been a hot spot for ballroom dancing for decades. Founded in 1921 as an outdoor dance hall called Oh Henry Park, it played host to the likes of Count Basie, Bennie Goodman and many other legends. Around 1930, the Oh Henry burned and was soon rebuilt (at a cost of $100,000 - huge at the time) and named the Oh Henry Ballroom, where scores of people danced to swing music.

Later, a 200 seat banquet room called the Willow-brook was added and in time, the entire ballroom became known as the Willowbrook. With it's own soda fountain, flower shop and restaurant, the Willow-Brook offered everything a couple needed for a "swinging" date.

Legend has it that Resurrection Mary spent her last night dancing at the Willow-Brook before she died.

The Willow-Brook Ballroom continues to be a hot spot for big band music, as well as banquets and parties.

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