Kenosha Pierhead

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Kenosha Pierhead Light
Kenosha Pierhead Lighthouse
Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Built in 1906, this brilliant red lighthouse marks the entrance to Kenosha Harbor on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan. Like most southern Lake Michigan lighthouses, this one is at the end of a concrete pier extending way into the lake.

While it's not the most elegant example on the lake, the construction of this lighthouse is quite interesting. Made of increasingly smaller cast iron rings stacked on top of one another, the tower tapers toward the top to form the familiar conical shape of the light.

A forth order Fresnel lens sits atop of the 50 foot tall structure, warning boats of the shore and marking the entrance to the harbor.

A few hundred feet inland sits the old 1866 Southport lighthouse that was replaced when the pier was built in the early 1900s.

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