Lighthouse Keeper's View

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from the keepers catwalk
Michigan City Lighthouse
From the Catwalk

It was an unusually warm Sunday for February, temperatures in Michigan City, Indiana reached 50 degrees. It rained on and off most of the day, so after some shopping at the nearby mall, we stopped by Washington Park (it's becoming a weekly event to capture ice on lighthouses).

I walked to the lighthouse from the parking lot - it's about a block or so - with the wind howling around 40 mph. Once I got to the lighthouse pier, I jumped up and found that I could hardly stand up! The wind was blowing so hard I was almost pushed backwards.

I decided that since nobody in their right mind was out with me, I'd climb up the catwalk and take in the view. It's amazing how different things look from 15 feet higher! It was a spectacular view, the catwalk was below me for once, I could take in the entire beach, lake and harbor, and I could see the approaching rainstorm over the lake.

Of course, I did not venture out to the lighthouse via the catwalk, I was certainly afraid of getting charged with trespassing - the Coast Guard station is about a half block inland, and I'm sure you could see me standing up there from a mile away.

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