First Colors of Spring

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Carpet of Winter Aconite
Winter Acronite blooms in the forest.

It must be spring! While walking through the woods yesterday, I noticed some color amongst the brown leaves - flowers! These are always the first flowers I see each year - right before the Siberian Squill blooms.

As usual, the flowers were the only source of pollen for the many bees that survived the winter, so lots of busy bees were helping themselves.

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Let it "Bee" Spring

This time of the year is really interesting for nature walks. Each day I'll see something new - new flowers, plants, bugs, leaves... it's easy to spot now because nothing has grown tall yet. In a few weeks the changes will be much more difficult to find because they'll be covered by undergrowth and leaves


Brokecompsoul said...

I'm glad you saw bees. I was worried that we lost them :(

Eddie said...

Nice one!
I always love seeing the first colors this time of the year.


Thank You.