Three Explorers

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Boys by the Mouth of the Stream
Boys at the Mouth of the Stream
Michigan City, Indiana

Last Sunday was a great day for exploring the beach and dunes along the southeastern part of Lake Michigan. Temperatures in the 60's and sunshine really felt nice after a pretty cold winter. The last time I walked along the beaches in this area, it was 2 degrees above zero with 40 mph winds! What a difference a six weeks makes!

After climbing Mt. Baldy (the 125 foot tall sand dune in Michigan City, IN) we walked southwest along the beach to view the dunes and all of the fun things that washed ashore during the winter months. We aimed for a small point that projected into the lake about 1/4 mile ahead of us; it looked like a good spot to stop and turn around. Once we arrived at the point, we noticed it was an alluvial fan created by a small stream that cut through the sand dunes and emptied into Lake Michigan.

The stream traveled through the woods and picked up a rich, brown color from the tannins in the leaves. This brownish water mixed with deep blue and teal colors of Lake Michigan and created some interesting color bands in the water, the perfect backdrop for a photo of the explorers who discovered the stream.

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