No One To Watch

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No One to Watch
Lifeguard Station
Washington Park Beach
Michigan City, Indiana

November in the north is not normally a month for beach going, but this particular day was great. It's way after the swimming season, so Washington Park parking is free, and you can have the entire beach to yourself!

If you're a lifeguard there's no one to watch in the water, and if you're a swimmer, there's no one to watch you swim.


Brokecompsoul said...

That water may be a wee bit to cold for a dip.

Eddie said...

Somehow, I just like this photo. I went to this place during the off season too. I could remeber stopping here, I believe it was in January of 1993. There was ice on the shoreline, and sand blown in to My face from the sharp winter winds off of Lake Michigan. Brrrr.

The off season has beauty to behold as well.