Vivid Winter Sky

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Ice Locked Lighthouse
Michigan City, Indiana Lighthouse

Winter often provides lots of contrasts - colors, as well as objects. It still surprises me to see a lighthouse in a spot where water cannot be seen. Of course, the water is frozen here on Lake Michigan, but even standing on the top of the catwalk (don't tell anyone), I couldn't see water. I guess that's at least 4 miles off shore - solid flow ice.

The white ice provided a great contrast to the deep blue sky that surrounded the lighthouse, making it look a lot more like the arctic than the dunes.

You've got to be careful while walking out to this lighthouse; before the lake froze over, it splashed up onto the pier, creating a solid ice surface. I'm not sure if falling onto the flow ice would hold my weight or not, but I'm not going to test it!

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