Waterfall Climbing

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Preparing to Climb
Ice Climbers in Wildcat Canyon

The canyons at Starved Rock State Park are beautiful in any season, but winter transforms them into playgrounds for the adventurer. At the head of Wildcat Canyon is an 80 foot waterfall that freezes each winter. This is one of the many frozen waterfalls at Starved Rock that can be climbed.

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Climbing Wildcat Canyon
Ice Climbing Group

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Waterfall Climber
Climber Nearing the Top

These climbers spent hours in the canyon preparing for and executing their climbs. The climber is secured to a harness that runs to the top of the falls and back down to two men handling the ropes in the event the climber falls. Once he made it to the top, he signaled and let go of the ice, he was then slowly lowered to the ground.

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