Grosse Point Light

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Grosse Point Lighthouse
Sheridan Road Side

I was unable to post anything on my blog for a few days! The blog disappeared and I couldn't do anything about it. Today, it reappeared and it's good to be back.

Sunday, April 22 was a beautiful 83 degree day in the Chicago area. A perfect day to explore the shore of Lake Michigan. I've wanted to visit Grosse Point Lighthouse for a long time, so we finally climbed into the car and drove up to Evanston to find the light. It was easy to find, and easy to wander around to take some photos. The kids even waded into Lake Michigan - well, the little warm tidal pools at least.

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Grosse Point Lighthouse
Beach Side

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Grosse point Lighthouse
From Lake Michigan

Let me tell you... Lake Michigan on April 22 is extremely COLD! I wandered in up to my knees for this shot and almost screamed in agony at the piercing cold water.

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