Michigan City Light

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Michigan City Lighthouse
Washington Park
Michigan City, Indiana

It was a sunny Saturday in the high 60's, a perfect day to enjoy walking along the shore of Lake Michigan in Michigan City's famous Washington Park. A six dollar parking fee seemed well worth it once we stepped on the beach. The lighthouse was about two block away - down a long breakwater - and you can walk all the way out and around it.

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After the lighthouse, we enjoyed walking along the shore. The water was frigid, but splashing along wasn't so bad. The beach seems to be a few miles long and is pretty wide and has several tall sand dunes with "seagrass" blocking a lot of the housing and industry from view.

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Eddie said...

I made many trips here to Michigan City indiana during the 1990's.
I took many walks on this causeway to the lighthouse.
I can remember taking Bill ,Janice and her son Steven on outings here.

We loved spending time on the lakefront in Michigan City.
I hope to go there this year.

Thank You.