Trout Lily

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White Trout Lily
Seager Woods, Illinois

Did you ever notice how the woods change from day to day. This winter, the woods seemed stagnant; snow and ice melted and accumulated over and over, covering and uncovering the dull shades of brown. As the weather warmed, the browns began to show signs of green and in only a few days, the greens have given way to whites, blues, yellows and purples.

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Bumble Bee on White Trout Lily
with False Rue Anemone Growing nearby

This White Trout Lily is a native to Illinois. It blooms in the early spring for about a week, giving the small amount of bees some pollen to start their hives. The plant is about four inches tall, and the blossom is about half an inch wide, barely large enough for the bumble bee.

Each day in the woods, I see something totally new. Most of the things would go unnoticed if you just took a walk down the path, but when you start looking at the details close to the ground, you find flowering plants barely two inches tall. It's amazing that these plants spring up in just a day or two and flower in another day or two. I wonder what I miss when I don't get out to the woods for a day?

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Eddie said...

This is a very nice "Bee hind the scenes" photo of a bee at work.
Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk!
I actually enjoy viewing Your nature photographs every chance that I get. These are some of the finest I have seen.

Very nice.