1970's I-75 Icons

In the 1970's, I-75 didn't run the length of Georgia. I guess there was some lobbying by local businesses preventing the timely completion of the interstate. I can't remember exactly where, but I-75 ended somewhere in Georgia and all traffic had to exit to a state road, take it for several miles, then the interstate picked up again.

Along that state road were little businesses that made their money from the tourists who drove south to Florida. One of the businesses I remember was B. Lloyd's Pecans. This little roadside store was famous for pecan logs (in my family at least). We'd pull up to the store and park around the perimeter of a building with tons of beach towels hanging from the ceiling of the covered porch. Nothing fancy, just an old building with lots of pecans and candy for sale, and local people doing the selling.
It's this aspect of traveling to Florida that I miss most (see yesterday's post).

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