Progress on John's House

Another day at John's house proved to be a lot more than we bargained for! Wanting to replace the dining room windows Friday night, John and Casey removed the siding from that part of the house while they were waiting for me to arrive. We'll at 9:30 pm I finally got there and took a look at the existing windows and header and quickly determined we would need to replace the header. Off to Menard's to get some lumber before they closed at 10.

When we got back, we agreed that we should wait until some other time to rip out the windows and install new ones- out of regard for the neighbors - who wants to hear saws and hammers at 2 AM! So, we installed the drywall on the living room wall until about 1:45 AM.

Saturday morning I was able to go over for a few hours and help with the window. I arrived around 9:30 am and John and Casey began to rip out the old window while I made the new headers. After bracing the ceiling so it wouldn't fall in, breaking a hammer and step stool, and battling the old header for around an hour, we finally got it out and began to frame the openings for the new windows. That part went without a hitch and the openings were ready for windows by 1:00 pm.

Windows in by 1:30 and I was out of there! Casey, John and Ken sealed up the windows, insulated the wall and installed new drywall.

That house is going to look like new pretty soon... Much more to come!

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