John is working hard to make his house look good, but he's working even harder to make it more efficient. Rather than just patch a few spots and tack up wood trim, he decided to tear all of the drywall off of the outside walls on his house to make sure it's insulated properly. Of course, he didn't count on there being two layers of drywall to remove! Here he's tacking up new insulation and getting ready for new drywall.

He's got lots of work left, including installing 10 new windows, crown moulding, chair rails, baseboards, door and window trim. But John just doesn't install new windows, he removes the siding on the entire side of the house, puts up styrofoam insulation, fan-fold insulation and house rap, then he installs the windows and replaces the siding. It certainly is done right!

He should be finished by October!!

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