A Taste of Yesterday

It may not be Fall, but all this thinking about how nice things used to be, made me pull up some photos from last October.

We visited Eberly's, a small fruit farm in northern Indiana, to pick some fresh apples. It's a real treat to go back in time on this farm, where things haven't really changed since the 20's or 30's. Standing in the orchard, one can imagine what life was like 80 or 100 years ago.

The orchard isn't designed to be a trip into the past, it just is!

The barn where cider is pressed and apples are purchased is very old and rustic, and filled with the farmer's proverbs handwritten on dozens of pieces of paper or cardboard taped to the walls. The cash register is right out of the Smithsonian too! If the nostalgic look of the place doesn't remind you of the past, then the prices will - only about $1 or 2 for a peck of you-pick apples!

The farmer matches his orchard perfectly, laid back, quiet, quick-witted, and very friendly- offering everyone a taste of his fresh pressed cider and an apple of their choice before they set off searching for apples.

If you long for the past or just want to get away from busy life, I recommend a trip to Eberly's Fruit Farm.


Look under St. Joseph County.

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