Flashback -- Veli's Koffee Kup

Remember Veli's coffee cup on 95th Street in Oak Lawn? Here's a photo (taken by Ed Kwiatkowski.) of Veli and Ali a few days before the diner closed.

I remember going there every Sunday for breakfast with Ed, Ed and Bill and getting French Toast, bacon, hashbrowns and coffee. We didn't even have to tell them what we wanted, they already knew.
Here's a note I found on a messageboard on the web:

Just a thought...

What is everyone's favorite breakfast?

No, doughnuts do not count!

My favorite breakfasts:

1. Three eggs, over easy, with white toast, sausage patties, hash browns and coffee from a little storefront diner in Oak Lawn, Illinois called Veli's Kofy (pronounced coffee) Kup.

Mike F.

Moderator, Ye Ole Celtic Pub
It's places like these I miss the most.

Anyone else remember this place?


Anonymous said...

Rest in peace Veli ~ We know your flipp'in omletts in heaven.

Anonymous said...

I grew up going sometimes twice a week to your place.

Rest In Peace,
Tim Hickey

Anonymous said...

Hey if I could tell you I could Veli's family to reopen Velis in an attempt to recreate the same feeling would that be a good or bad thing?

tentman said...

Best breakfast ever. Ate there a thousand times. Hey Ali, how many eggs have you cooked today? Ali: too many!